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Fearless 2019 Women's Conference is hosted by Pastor Hope Carpenter, Hope Carpenter Ministries, and Redemption Bay Area located at 105 Nortech Parkway, San Jose, California.

How do we become fearless in our lives to the point of overcoming every hurt, doubt, and poor self-image; every harsh word spoken over us - even as little girls; every thought of rejection or that we can't or aren't good enough to pursue our wildest dreams or hope for that promotion or deserve a loving fulfilling marriage?

Pastor Hope is bringing some of the most dynamic speakers in the Body of Christ today to help you leave here empowered, bold, brave, courageous, confident, and LIONHEARTED: Dr. Janice Sjostrand, Pastor Nicole Crank, Apostle Wanda Rolon, and Apostle Cynthia Brazelton!

Fearless Conference 2019

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